Music Videos

Mike & Tommy Emmanuel!

Happy 4th

of July!

This video of Tommy Emmanuel playing Streamside with Mike was taken on June 30, 2016 at the final performance at Tommy Emmanuel Guitar Camp USA in Saratoga Springs, NY.  At first Tommy held back and played percussion, but once Mike invited him to take a solo (or two) he played some super solos!  

Out in the yard on a summer day, after a bit of a drought had turned the back cove into a swamp... Mike thinking about taking a Fast Train to Georgia... 

Another version of Streamside, maybe this one should be Pond side...

The Mike McMann Band covering Comfortably Numb

The Mike McMann Band plays an array of classic rock tunes spanning the past five decades - come on out and hear your favorites!

Mike and Friends jam on Streamside (available on Mike's CD Streamside)

Mike is lucky to play with the best musicians in the capital region - jams like this one give musicians a chance to experiment with each other's music.  This was also a rare sighting of this particular guitar - Mike doesn't bring it out to a lot of gigs.